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NASB® Bible Chrome Extension

A free extension for Chrome web browsers that lets you lookup the full NASB® text of a Bible reference.

I wanted a simple tool to show the full text of a highlighted verse in NASB
(without keeping an app or window open in the background). There are plenty of Bible study tools out there, but most are "verse of the day" tools or big swiss-army-knife-multi-function apps.

I wanted a simple, free tool for Chromebook that I could use anytime (always available). After searching for a while and not finding what I wanted, I decided to try to make the tool myself.

It wasn't very hard, after all. It is a very simple tool. It's free (no trademark/copyright issues). And it works. :-)

And you are welcome to try it. I welcome your feedback and ideas for improvement. (
Let's connect!)

How it works:
This version uses the Bible Gateway website. (Requires a modern Chrome browser) When you come across a Bible verse reference -- any standard abbreviation for book, chapter(s), and verse(s) -- highlight it with your mouse, right click and choose "Search NASB" from the context menu. The website opens to text in the New American Standard Bible (English), copyright
the Lockman Foundation (no affiliation with Bible Gateway or NASB).

My first thought was to provide 2 (or more?) pre-selected translations. But for now, it's very simple, limited to NASB.

Let me know if you would prefer a different Bible translation, different language, or website. Or let me know if you might like to collaborate on building a tool with more features.
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This Chrome Extension is a non-commercial passion project by Robert Marston. Robert Marston and Samara Business Development have no affiliation with The Bible Gateway® The New American Standard Bible® is Copyright © 2020 by The Lockman Foundation.